Shuttle Service

This service is provide to our Accommodation pass holders and scholarship holders from hotel.
Hello we would like to share with you the shuttle service information which we would be providing only to our accommodation pass holders. These services are solely provided by hotels and are based on bulk pickups as per availability. Each hotel runs its shuttle service at below mention time. If you are staying at any one hotel which is mentioned below you can benefit the shuttle services as per availability. The service is on a first-come, first-served basis and while there is seat availability. We can’t guarantee a seat for all attendees due to heavy number of attendees and multiple arrival times. Once you arrive at airport gate you will see someone from your hotel standing with a sign board as seen here in the picture.
Our Support team from Hotel with their respective boards
Please call the hotel or refer below mentioned shuttle time to match with your arrival. Shuttle Timings -
21th / 22nd September 2022
8 am , 12 pm,
Only planet Hollywood Shuttles
25th September 2022
7 am , 12 pm , 4 pm
Shuttles for Planet Hollywood , Royal Orchid , Kenilworth
Please check this page before conference days to check status of timings.