Frequently Asked Questions

When is the conference ?

The third edition of React India is happening from 22nd to 24th Sept 2022
The first of the three days will be focusing on workshops and the following two days will be dedicated to talks on topics revolving around React, React Native & GraphQL. The conference will bring together front-end and full-stack developers from across the globe to Goa, India.
We will be also having remote day on Sept 22nd which will be open for everyone to attend globally with a free registrations option.

What is the conference venue address, how do I get there?

The venue address is:
Planet Hollywood Goa
30/3, Acsona Waddo, Uttorda Beach, Salcette, Goa 403713, India
  • Via Taxi: Unfortunately there is no Uber or Ola service but there are wide options for government based prepaid taxi and private prepaid taxi apps available at airports.
  • Via Car: There are no venue-specific parking spots, but the venue itself is reachable by car.And have open space for parking cars outside the hotel area.

When does the venue open?

The venue opens at 8AM local time on both days. Breakfast starts at 9:30AM for conference.

I need a visa letter, can you provide that?

Yes, we can provide you with a visa recommendation letter. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

Do you recommend a hotel?

We have discounted Resident tickets for your stay with us for all days at minimal price. Other than that, Goa has a lot of hotels.

Can I be a volunteer?

While our volunteer team is currently complete, we might have very few slots open closer to the event, in which case we will post about them on social media via our twitter account.

Are there student tickets?

We do not offer student tickets or discounts, but you can still apply for diversity or with any of our partner programs that we will announce soon. We run our scholarship program which covers everyone who would like to seek financial assistance.

I want to sponsor, how?

We’d be happy to have you! You can find more information about sponsoring the conference on our website - email us [email protected]

How do I get my badge to enter the conference?

When doors open at 8:00AM at the venue. There might be different queues based on the first name of the attendee. Additionally, we have registration desk open the day before the conference ie on 21st september evening where you can pick up your badge early. Badge Pickup 22nd September 2022 - Early Bird Pickup - Planet Hollywood Lobby - Registration Area after 5:00 pm in the evening

Do you have a newsletter or something of the sort?

We do, and you can sign up for it to get news about the conferences roughly twice a month!
https://reactindia.io/ or https://twitter.com/react_india
Do you have a Code of Conduct?
We have and enforce a CODE OF CONDUCT on our website

Do you have ADA compliant Venue ?

React India is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible space for all participants. React India is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible space for all participants.

Ticket sales are currently closed, when is the next sale?

You will find most recent announcement on React India website

Do you offer childcare?

We do! Its located on first floor near the community area

Do you have a quiet room?

We will provide a clearly signposted quiet room during the conference. Are the talks going to be published as videos?
Yes, we will announce it soon.

I need a proper invoice, what do I do?

Our ticketing system issues proper invoices and you can edit all the detail, even after you have bought the ticket through a link in the confirmation email. We would be sharing the taxable invoices in month of september. What is the deal with GST?
tl;dr - we are obliged to charge GST for every ticket we sell, for everybody and even every company. Longer explanation found here: http://bit.ly/react-gst